Saturday, 7 March 2015

A t-shirt and a lesson in patience!

Ok so this post has been half written all week! A dose of the cold and the inability to look at a screen for longer than 5 minutes without my eyes streaming like crazy, meant I didn't want to look at a PC once I got home from work. Anyway.......

Last weekend we escaped the mess of the flat back to my parents house.  I had bought the March issue of Sew Magazine through the week and decided that I wanted to make the t-shirt and kimono from the free New Look pattern 6217.  

Keen to do some machine sewing at the weekend I toddled off to Remnant Kings during my Friday lunch wander for some fabric.  I decided to just go for fabrics I liked rather than trying to get fabrics that matched as the likelihood of me wearing the two together is slim.  They were only £2.99 per meter, 100% viscous and the tropical flower print can be found here . 

I didn't get to the kimono due to an error with pattern placement when cutting (story for another day) but really pleased with how the t-shirt turned out.  Excuse the lighting in the photos, it was getting late on Sunday and it was blooming freezing so I didn't want to venture far from the front door!!!

I was really keen to get back to sewing clothes and have something completed in one go. Unfortunately I ended up losing my patience with this top!

I had cut out a straight 16 as that corresponded best to my bust measurement and I figured that 4" ease would mean I would not have to grade the pattern.   However, once I got the shoulder seams done I started to panic that I had made a mistake and that it would not fit round the tum!

This resulted in me getting frustrated and instead of trusting myself I rushed the seaming of the sides and one of the arm holes figuring 'what does it matter its going to be too tight anyway'.  You don't notice it but I have a feeling it will unravel in the wash..... I tried tidying the seams after the fact but that just resulted in me putting a hole in one of the side seams (ahhhhh).  Quickly sorted but highlights how frustrated I was.

When trying it on it also looked like it was going to be way too big at the neck line.  It turned out ok when I put the button loop and button on but it is still wider than I normally wear.

My first ever hand made button loop - quite chuffed with that!

Overall I am actually really pleased with how it has turned out.  Slightly disappointed in myself for getting frustrated and not finishing the seams properly,  It is unlikely that it will hold up very well in the wash but we will see.  It is a nice quick easy top and I can see myself making another one.  Maybe take a bit more care and attention next time!

See you soon x

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  1. Awesome top :-) it works really well in that fabric and the colour looks great on you! So frustrating when you end up making holes in seams I feel for that one!!

    1. Thank you 😀 I was just glad there was enough room that I could just sew another seam! It's just one big learning curve!!