Saturday, 13 September 2014

The week that was OWOP 2014

Well that is it over, One Week One Pattern (OWOP) is done for 2014. This is the first one of these types of events I have participated in and I am so pleased I managed it.  A big thanks must go to Handmade Jane for organising it as well.

For OWOP I decided to wear the Delphine skirt from Love at First Stitch by Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons.

Day 1 - OWOP did not start off too great as I was unexpectedly in the wrong city to my skirt!  However, as soon as I got back to Glasgow it was off with the jeans and on with my botanical Ikea print Delphine with black top and cardie which I wore to go out for a meal with my OH.

Day 2 - Sunday morning was supposed to be a morning for making a second Delphine.  However it didn't quite work out like that and it was back on with the Botanical Ikea print Delphine with white top and pink cardie to go shopping with my mum.  (Please excuse the headless shot - the OH took it quickly when we were rushing out the door as we were late - and I was also insisting he got the new pink shoes in!)

Now at this point I still only had one skirt and was thinking that OWOP was not going to happen for me this year.  I had managed to start my denim version of Delphine but decided to add in some pockets, which I had never done before so this had slowed down the process. However, as we ended up being out most of the day, by 11pm I still had a bit to go and was very frustrated after seam ripping the waist band off the skirt twice and remaking both waist sections from scratch.  I was ready to give up and not bother, even though by this point I only had the waistband to sew down and to hem it.   However,  after some encouragement from people on Instagram and Twitter I got up early on Monday morning and finished it off.

Looking back I think the problem was I was tired and as there was no pattern I think I had been putting it on upside down!

Day 3 -  I made it and wore the newly completed denim Delphine  to work.  It was a slightly odd top combo but I was running late by this point and just needed to get out the door!

I do love the pockets that I added in to this skirt.  However, the fabric doesn't hold a crease very well as it has a wee bit of a stretch so I think the pockets sit a bit funny and could have done with being top stitched.  No idea how to do that now without sewing them shut so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Day 4 - Denim Delphine with orange top.  I love how versatile this skirt is and I can see myself wearing it lots.

Day 5 - It was off to a work away day in my botanical Delphine with white lottie blouse and blue cardie.  This was my best 'me made' day of the week and one of my favorite outfits which I know you have seen before. When I first made this Delphine I was really not sure of the pattern but it has really grown on me over the week and this week has helped me get over the fact that the pattern is a bit more bold than I am used to.

Day 6 -  Wednesday night was spent making my red Delphine and I finished the hem on Thursday morning before going to work (recurring theme here!).  For this one I decided to add in some belt loops.  I do love the colour of the fabric, again from Ikea, but it creases like crazy.  I am also not sure what I did during construction but it is also the tightest of the three.  Never mind I still really like it and it got a lot of nice comments at work.

Day 7 - For the last day of OWOP I was torn between wearing the denim version again and my red one.  The red one won in the end, figured given all the fuss I had making three this week that I should at least wear it twice!  This time i teamed with with a white top, grey cardie and my hot air balloon scarf - which matched the red perfectly!

And that was my OWOP - featuring the three Delphines! 

Reflecting back, starting OWOP with only one skirt was not the smartest move and I did get my self into a bit of a tizz trying to get the other two complete.  However, the support out there on Instagram and Twitter was amazing - thank you ladies for all the encouragement.  It was nice to feel part of the wider sewing community and I loved seeing all your makes.  It has also added a few more patterns to my ever growing sewing to do list!

From reading other blogs I was slightly worried about my choice of a skirt for OWOP and while I didn't find it difficult wearing a skirt all week I did have a wee bit of trouble finding tops to go with it.  I normally wear dresses to work and jeans at home so a lot of my tops just did not sit right with the Delphine skirt.  I did however, like the change and it has encouraged me to make some more tops so that can only be a positive!

Would I do it again?  Absolutely - roll on OWOP 2015!!

See you all soon x

P.S. I love to chat so feel free to leave a comment!


  1. I really like your Delphines - I am planning to male every pattern from the book, although, am a bit stuck on Megan (about to make my third) as I like it so much!
    Enjoyed seeing the gorgeous Glasgow architecture in the background of your pictures. Reminded me of the one and only time I visited the city, twelve years ago, not that long after passing my test, and got hopelessly lost trying to drive around in my little Micra.

    1. Thank you. I'm working my way through the book too. Not made the Megan dress yet though but it is definitely on the list!

      As for getting lost in Glasgow - happens to me all the time!!

  2. So pleased you powered through and enjoyed owop, all your Delphines are gorgeous, I especially like your Ikea one and your denim version has made me realise I need a denim A line in my life! You should really take part in me made May next year, it's loads of fun! ��

    1. Thanks Helen, and thanks for the encouragement. As long as I don't leave my me made May projects until the last minute then I may just join in!

      Looking forward to seeing you A line denim skirt too! :)

  3. Well done you for gritting your teeth and making those extra Delphines! You have a lovely collection now! x

  4. What lovely Delphines! I made my first one but I definitely want to make more because as you say its such a versatile pattern. Great job. Zoe

    1. Thanks Zoe! Yeh they are quite addictive. Saw a lot of nice cord when fabric shopping yesterday and my immediate thought was - that would be a lovely Autumn Delphine! Decided I should have a wee break from them though!!

  5. Just popping in to say hello and how lovely your skirts look - I think the red one is my favourite.. or maybe the denim...oh, or maybe the patterned one ;-) Actually, they're all fab - well done! 'Twas my first OWOP too, and am loving seeing what everyone else has made too. Looking forward to following along on Bloglovin' with your sewing adventures. xx

    1. Hi Gilly. It was good fun wasn't it? Loved your Kate dress as well - following along on bloglovin too now so looking forward to seeing your makes :) x