Sunday, 1 March 2015

A collapsed ceiling and some crochet

We have had a bit of an odd February.  At the beginning of the month we came home to find that our upstairs neighbours had flooded their bathroom which caused our bathroom ceiling to collapse!  Not fun and a whole lot of mess.

This resulted in us being out of the flat for three weeks and living in a Premier Inn while they got round to clearing all the debris (insurance companies don't seem to move fast!).  

To entertain myself I decided to try and learn crochet.  It is something that I have never been able to master and I spent quite some time reading over online tutorials and youtube videos.  Eventually I managed to figure it out using this really good tutorial from Bella Coco.  It still took around two hours to make my first granny square mind you!

It also took me a while to get my tension right!

I had bought a couple of balls of Siddar Snuggly DK  John Lewis on a whim and could not figure out what to do with them.  I decided to just make a granny square, alternating the colours every two rounds and see what happened.

I ended up with a square which was around 18" square.  I hummed and hawed about buying more to make it into a baby blanket but decided I could not be bothered and that a cushion would be a quicker make.

Another google and I had a couple of ideas as to how to make my big granny square into a cushion.  I eventually settled on this tutorial by Bunny Mummy which meant I didn't have to crochet a back!  (See told you I was being lazy!) I purchased some lovely snuggly white fleece and made a very simple envelope back.  I then whip stitched the crochet square onto the cushion cover, inserted the pillow form and that was it!  

Its something I could imagine cuddling into when not feeling great but I think it is destined to be a gift for my Gran.  A granny square for my granny - quite apt really!

See you all soon x

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  1. Cute! Seems like a good project to keep you busy in a hotel stay. That's no good about your bathroom though :-(

    1. Thanks! Yes it was a good distraction and didn't require much kit! Mind you I have bought some more wool now so it may just be added on to the ever growing list of crafts!!!