Thursday, 4 September 2014

That doesn't look like a skirt.....

In my last post I mentioned that I only have one skirt made for OWOP which starts on Saturday and that I was going to get sewing.  Well I have had a week (and a bit) off work on holiday and I have made good progress ..... on knitting a cardie!  Yup I still only have one skirt for OWOP...............Ahhhhhhhhhhh! 

*disclamer: rambling excuses follow*

In my defence we have been out and about quite a bit, visiting relatives and organising things for our wedding and as the knitting was far more portable (and sociable) it won!  However,  I'm trying to figure out how to fit in making another two skirts in the next couple of days, since I am not in tonight and we have things planned for the weekend .......  suggestions welcome!!!!!  Now I can get away on Saturday with my first Delphine skirt but let's face it work (and anyone with a sense of smell) are going to think I'm a bit odd if I wear the same skirt for 7 days in a row!

Now I could just give up, but I don't like doing that. I am hoping that a trip to the fabric store to get some more fabric for Delphine number 3 (yes somehow I only have enough fabric for one in my stash!) will give me inspiration.  Also I could just set the alarm early on Saturday/Sunday and get cracking before we need to go visit people/have visitors

*end of ramble*

Anyway, what I have been knitting instead was the Rocky Coast Cardigan  by Hannah Fettig from the Costal Knits book.  I fell in love with this cardie way back in 2011 when the book was published and promptly purchased it.  Since then it has just sat in my bookcase gathering dust! Figured it was about time that changed.

Now i have not done much knitting in the last couple of years, mostly because I started sewing, but this is knitting together really quick.   I only started it last Wednesday and I am almost finished the back - very speedy progress by my standards!

I will talk a bit more about construction etc when it is complete but thought you may like to see progress so far.

Back soon x

P.S.  I like to chat so feel free to leave a comment!

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