Saturday, 16 August 2014

Fly me to the moon!

I have been making lots of baby bunting for friends and family lately (I am at that age where babies are appearing all over the shop!) and realised that I had not made any for the OH's nephew.  Now I met the OH around the time his nephew was born, and before I had started sewing, so I think that is a valid excuse.  I figured that it was about time I rectified this but that a two and a half year old energetic wee boy would not really want a string of bunting.

Now I had been mulling over what to make for a while and then I came across this fab tutorial  for a beanbag chair by Project Nursery - Perfect!

The hunt for nice boy upholstery fabric took a while but when I stumbled across this amazing space rocket fabric from Frumble Fabrics I knew it would be perfect. It is a Japanese fabric and slightly heavier than ordinary quilting cotton so would be able to withstand a battering! I teamed it with some blue upholstery fabric that I had found in the John Lewis remnants bin.

I didn't make any changes except to cut the fabric 43" wide rather than 45" due to the width of my fabric.  I also used more beanbag stuffing than suggested as well.

How cute is this selvage with the wee rockets?  Not one for keeping my selvages but I think this may be an exception to that rule!

The sewing went quite quickly as the instructions were really easy to follow.  It went so quick that I didn't even think to take photos.  All I have is this, rather blurry, photo of the curve I had cut for the front of the bag.

Now the tutorial says this is a 30 minute make.  Well it took me a bit longer as I managed to sew my zip on the wrong way and with a small stitch and a 22" zip a lot of swearing ensued!!!  Even with this mistake I don't think it took over an hour.  Not bad for a first attempt.

Now I was a bit too impatient to wait until my OH came home to fill it up.  This was my ingenious (!) solution.  That's what you are supposed to use airers for right?!

Going up!

Needless to say quite a few of the beads escaped but overall I was pretty happy with my contraption.   That was until I realised that the beanbag liner I had purchased to keep all the beads inside would not mold to the shape of the bag!  Not wanting to add to the 'snow' all over the kitchen floor,  I just took my scissors and cut a hole in the bottom of the liner!

I zipped it all up and sewed a few stitches just under the zipper to stop my nephew from unzipping the seat and getting the filling all over the house it was done!  Looks good I think.

Perfect for a spot of light reading

Best of all though my nephew loved it :)  Job done!!

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